In confectionery a lot of pastry creams are used, there are a large variety of them.

The pastry cream is a filler that is traditionally used in pies, cakes,and biscuits.

The basic ingredients of any pastry cream are milk, sugar, flour and egg. Moreover, thanks our experience as manufacturers of aromas, we offer to our customers creams flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, coffee, chocolate etc.

Flavorix has developed a large range of alternatives in tastes, textures and properties that we offer to our customers in the form of powder pastry cream and finished pastry cream ready to use.

All of them will provide security and comfort in the manufacture of your products.

  • Powder Pastry Creams
  • Ready to use creams

We also offer

  • Glitter for pastry
  • Gelatins.
  • Syrups.

For information or questions about creams, jellies or glitters, contact our Sales Department.