Usually we choose a food by its sensory attributes: color, flavor, aroma and texture.

A food additive, is any substance which, without itself constitute a food, or possess nutritional value, is intentionally added to food in trace amounts in order to modify their organoleptic characteristics or facilitate or improve its manufacturing process or conservation.

The main functions of food additives, according to the European Directive 89/107 / EEC, which has been transposed into the legislation of each EU member state are:

Ensuring the safety and wholesomeness.
Increase product stability.
Enabling the availability of food without carbon monoxide.
Secure or maintain the nutritional value of food.
Enhance consumer acceptance.
Help the manufacture, processing, preparation, transportation and storage of food.
Homogenizing the product.
In Flavorix we offer a lot of products, besides offering personalized advice on how to use them.

We offer the following products classified in:

  • Preservatives.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Stabilizers.
  • Leavening.
  • Flavor enhancers.
  • Bread improvers.
  • Sweeteners.
  • Several.

For information or questions about other ancillary products, Contact our Sales Department