In Flavorix we offer a wide range of products for carbonated soft drinks, juices, all kinds of nectars, sport & energy drinks, flavored waters, instant drinks and functional beverages.


Flavorings are present in all the soft drinks and many juices, used to provide a broader spectrum of flavors.

In Flavorix we offer an extensive palette of fruit, citrus aromas and floral aromas, ideal for flavoring all kinds of refreshing drink or juice aromas.


Dyes makes the final product more visually pleasing. Furtheremore the dyes correct natural variations in color during processing or storage and gives the color characteristic of each drink.


Most soft drinks contain acids that provide cooling sensation that is so characteristic of these drinks, while preserving the quality and sweetness. Highlights for this mission the citric acid and tartaric acid.


Such preservatives are substances that preserve the taste and flavor and preserve the drink longer, inhibiting or stopping the growth of microorganism. In Flavorix we offer as a highlight product the potassium sorbate.


We offer to diet or reduced-calorie beverages various types of sweeteners among which highlight the aspartame, acesulfame-K and saccharin.