Flavorix offers a wide range of products intended exclusively for the industry of beverages based in wines.


For wines and musts we offer a Natural Caramel Color.

We also offer decolorizers, which are products that reduce selectively the color of the wines (delete tones) and eliminate unwanted odors, allowing the expression of the sensory characteristics of the grape variety. As highlighted bleaching we offer the decolorizing carbon.


As acidulants we offer: citric acid and tartaric acid, specific acidifying to correct the acidity in musts and wines.

Highlights from our wide range of antimolds agents is the potassium sorbate, that dry sprinkled and scattered, avoid refermentations in wines containing sugar, or the sodium metabisulfite, powerful sterilizer in the process of making wine fermentation.


In the industry of beverages base on wines the metatartaric acid is an element that prevents the precipitation of tartaric salts and / or the lost of color. It is used on the finished wine.


The clarifiers are products used to remove from the wine those unwanted elements. The clarifiers agents are selected depending on the item you want removed.

If excess astringent polyphenolic compounds and / or drying is detected in wine it is advisable to add high molecular weight proteins such as gelatin or egg albumin. But if the wine has a pronounced protein instability is advisable to add inorganic compounds such as bentonite.

Flavorix offers a wide range of clarifying agents.

Flavorix offers a wide range of flavors for all types of liqueurs and spirits, for cream liqueurs and cocktails.


we emphasize our flavors of anise, hazelnut, apricot, blueberry, brandy, coffee, cinnamon, cherry, cocoa, plum, curative, strawberry, raspberry, gin, currant, apple, blackberry, peach, peppermint, spearmint mint, tangerine, orange, pineapple, nuts, licorice, grapefruit, fennel and vanilla.