Innovation and naturalness of foods is not an easy task. Improve the taste and appearance of food is an important task, improve conservation, prevent oxidation and facilitate the preparation, are aspects which are in continuous development, so from Flavorix we offer a wide range of products tailored to the needs of each of our customers.

Flavorix provide specific products for:

Bakery, Patisserie and Confectionery.
Ice Cream and Sorbets.
Yogurt. Dairy and substitutes.
Soft Drinks and Juices.
Prepared of Fruits & Jams.
Sweets. Candy & Gum.
Chocolates and Cocoa derivatives .
Bakery and Cereals.
Teas and Coffees.
Alcoholic Beverages.
Wine Industry.
Appetizers and Snacks.
Ready Meals. Salsas.
Meat and Sausages.
Dietary Sector and Functional Foods.
Animal Feeding.