Color is the first impression given of a food. The color is what determines the first judgment on the quality of food, tending sometimes to subjectively modify other sensations such as taste and odor. The color is extremely important for the acceptance of a food, immediately we compare the perceived color with the ideal color that should provide that food.

For centuries, mankind has used the colors in foods to improve their appearance, to obtain uniformity, to compensate the lost color during its processing and to help consumers recognize the product. The practice of food coloring has a long tradition as some natural products like saffron or cochineal, which were already known by the ancient civilizations.

There is no doubt that colors enhance the perception and taste of food.

The function of a food coloring is to give an attractive color. Thus, a dye does not change the quality of a product but makes it more palatable, indeed, some products such as candys have in coloring their main attraction.

Therefore, food dyes are used to:

  • Give an attractive color to products that are naturally colorless such as jellies, beverages, confectionery, ices, etc.
    Return the natural color destroyed in the manufacturing process.
  • Complete the intensity of the natural color of the food. To make it more pleasing to the eye and more appealing to consumers.

The dosing for the Flavorix dyes , ranges from 0.01% to 0.10% depending on the power desired

The containers in which we market our products are cubes of: 1 Kg., 5 Kg. And 25 Kg. (Lacquers only in packages of 1 and 5 Kg.)

Flavorix collaborate closely with our customers to achieve the best response to the most stringent quality parameters

We provide natural dyes and authorized colorants, marketing them as authorized soluble dyes and as lacquers.

Natural dyes.
Dyes authorized.
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