An aroma is a preparation that provides the flavor and smell of food to which it is added, so it has a very important role in the satisfaction eating these foods.

Just as a painter has a full palette of colors, in Flavorix we offer a wide range of aromas that will help renew and improve its products or to help you in the development of new creations.

Our aromas produce improved organoleptic qualities (taste and odor) of their products and are able to compensate for losses that occur in the process.

An aroma by itself has no nutritional value, but predisposes an individual to food intake.

We know that the Egyptians provided flavor to the food with herbs, and the Romans used ginger, also creating aromas like Garo through fermentation techniques. In the Middle Ages, distillation made possible the development of new flavors like mint, and since 1845 we create synthetic aromatic molecules such as vanilla.

Over time the palette of aromas has been expanded, either with natural aromas or flavors identical to natural or synthetic.

A natural aroma is a scent of natural substances extracted from nature by different physical processes: direct extraction solvents, roasting, enzymatic or microbiological processes.

An aroma identical to the nature, is an aroma made of synthesis chemical compounds comprising substances identical to the naturally, with vegetable or animal origin

An artificial faroma is created with molecules that do not exist in nature through chemical synthesis.

The ideal time to add any flavor to your product is always in the final phase of preparation before baking or freezing.

In Flavorix we offer a wide range of aromas:

Sweet aromas.
Savory aromas.
And all three types on the following formats

Liquid flavors
Paste  flavors
Powder flavors
Additionally, you can also consult our natural extracts.

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