Our goal is that you make the best ice cream. In the mix of ingredients to produce icecreams,there are involved of very different nature, such as sugars, fats, water or air, among others. All of them must be conjoined and in a perfect balance.

Flavorix will help to make possible this coexistence, to achieve a perfect balance in your ice cream.

Therefore we offer a wide range of specific products for ice cream, among which are:


The organoleptic characteristics of an ice cream (color, smell and taste), are the features that attract consumers. For example, with the addition of fruit to ice cream, you can not often get a color and flavor attractive enough, so in Flavorix we offer an extensive range of flavors specially designed to get something special of your icecreams.

For milk-based ice cream we offer an extensive range of liquid aromas, paste aromas and powder aromas . Among which we recomend the following: blueberry, hazelnut, brandy, coffee, cappuccino, cinnamon, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, mango, passion fruit, peach, mint, blackberry, cream, nuts, pineapple, pistachio, banana, tiramisu, toffee , caramel, tutti frutti, mascarpone, rum, vanilla, violet, whiskey, egg yolk and yogurt.

For water-based ice cream we’ll also offer an extensive range of liquid’s, paste and powder flavors. Among them we recomend you for this purpose, the coffee, strawberry, raspberry, berries, lemon, lime, mango, peach, melon, mint, blackberry, orange, pineapple, banana and tutti frutti.

And for your granitas and sorbets we also have an extensive range of aromas among which we recomend you our aromas of coffee , lemon, orange, lime, mint, blackberry and our unbeatable mojito flavor


The color of ice cream, besides being one of its biggest attractions also helps us identify the flavor that has, so in Flavorix we offer a wide range of natural dyes among which highlight the curcumin, riboflavin, red cochineal, chlorophyll, candy and beta carotene.

As for conventional dyes we offer the yellow, orange, bright red, strawberry red , purple red, mint green, purple and blue. These dyes are widely used for their excellent properties and to offer the color and desired intensity , they are of high purity and low cost, ideal for improving the color of their ice creams and sorbets.


The emulsifiers in ice cream are the responsible for achieving good dispersion of the fat in water, contributing to the correct incorporation of air, to improve its texture and body, preventing the separation of water in the mixing process and getting that the ice cream melts gently on the palate.

In Flavorix we offer the following special emulsifiers for ice creams: monogliceratos, lecithin powder or liquid alginate, propylene glycol, glyceryl monosterate, glycerin, caseinate and gelatin.

As for gelling and thickening, whose main missions in an ice cream are to improve the body and texture of ice cream facilitating the transfer and distribution of air, improving the stability during storage and preventing the ice cream to melt quickly once served, we highlight products such as sodium alginate, sodium carrageenan, locust bean gum, guar gum, xanthan gum, agar and sorbitol.

Alginates give a high viscosity to ice cream and are resistant to heat, so can be used in ice creams that are pasteurized. They are not easy to disperse so we recommend using them alone and in small quantities because high doses give the ice cream a not very pleasant taste.

In sorbets, where the acidity is higher, we recommend the use of propylene glycol alginate, as there in no precipitancy.

The sodium carrageenan has properties that makes it very interesting, prevents Sinersis (prevent the ice cream to release water), it is easily soluble, and gives a high viscosity to ice cream, Flavorix recommend its use in combination with one of our gums or carrageenans

The agar-agar has a major feature as a good stabilizer with a very high water absorption capacity, but it is not easily dispersed so its use is recommended in combination with any of our carrageenan or gums.

Sorbitol, widely used in the manufacture of chocolates, it is used in combination with mono- and diglycerides, as it prevents the separation of water during the mixing process, that is, can produce a “dry” ice cream.


In gelateria there are several types of sugar that can be used and they develop critical functions within the ice cream they determine the sweetness, the freezing temperature control, regulate texture, enhance the aromas and prevent the formation of crystals.

In Flavorix we offer a wide range of sugars, highlighting our glucose syrup, plus dextrose, lactose and fructose.

Vanilla and cinnamon.

We offer vanilla and natural cinnamon, both powder and sticks, that will make your ice cream delicacies insurmountable.


And to complete your ice cream Flavorix offer excellent syrups, highlighting the chocolate, caramel and our delicious strawberry syrup.