The mix of different active ingredients, effectively combined, is a guarantee in the baking process, and this is certainly the objetive of the bread improvers of Flavorix.

Bread improvers.

Malt extract.

The use of malt extract was developed rapidly in the US and England, and from there spread to the rest of the world.

This is a totally natural product obtained from grain and natural processes, without the intervention of any artificial product.

Its properties for the manufacture of bread and cereals are many.

Stimulates fermentation of the bread’s mass, providing a smooth texture and attractive presentation

The product is made more digestible.

Strengthens the gluten flour, which retains moisture after baking, the products manufactured this way withstand better the test of time and are more crunchy

Give the masses a delicate aroma and delicious taste .
Flour improver. (Prepared).

It is an ideal preparation for making bread. This mixture keeps a balance, that make the bread remain fresh longer, facilitates the mixing and gives a tender texture and attractive appearance.

Ascorbic acid. E-300. (Vitamin C).
It is a powerful improver for bakery flour, since it acts as an antioxidant to be incorporated into the mass, which facilitates the kneading of the same, improving the body and development in baking, increasing the tenacity of the gluten.